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Without realizing it, my fingers began to bother the guitars of my father whom I had heard play before seeing the light. My desire to feel the vibration of each string was interesting. Feel every sound, every note crashing into my ear. How not to participate in what called me so much? Likewise, I began to be part of each musical activity. Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida opened the doors for me to participate in singing when I was only 3 years old. The truth is that the whole atmosphere of Walt Disney called me more than the concert in which I participated. Imagine arriving at the magical world of Disney and being able to feel like a princess. An unforgettable experience!

I was born into a world of grace. Where the music was from before birth. I opened my eyes and there were already guitars and pianos playing next to me. When I said my first word I don't know if I said it singing or like a normal baby. I learned to say the musical notes before ordering my bottle of milk. So I never knew what it's like not to love music.

This is Jadnelys

Jadnelys 4 yeasr old

Little by little I grew up. Realizing that, if there was something in which I could grow and live being totally happy, it was music. Being able to take my voice, my music, my teachings and see the result before my followers, my students and those who love every note I play, is what motivates me to get up every day to get up to work hard. This is a new stage and I do it with all the commitment before you. You who listen to my music. 

Those who identify with each letter I write and sing. Those that when they find themselves in a situation in their life, it is my music that directs them. What more can I ask for? Music has given me everything I have. So I will continue singing and using my hands to carry my purest talent. So that at the end of my days I rest with the peace of mind that in my life I managed to take my music all over the world.