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Musical Artist Press Kit



1st promotional single

Beach House Description

Beach House is the first song we released in promotion on our way to musical success. I can't deny that my inspiration for this song came from the TV serie "The Summer I Turned Pretty". It was an inspiration to see and understand that we all have a place where our emotions rest. The great taste of various clean, distorted and melancholic electric guitars like those we had in the 70s and 80s. Mixing sounds of modern synths, heavy drums, bass and a necessary lyrical content for everyone's mood makes Beach House a song with a unique touch.

Artist Bio

Jadnelys is a puertorrican indie rock singer, songwriter and producer who grew up in Miami, FL. Jadnelys started learning music since she was 2 years old. Growing up homeschooled and with a single dad that dedicated his life to founding and developing a successful music company Musik Mogul since 1998. Playing different instruments, enjoying sessions in the recording studio, writing songs and singing them all was part of Jadnelys’ life from a very young age. She was performing on stages since she was 5 years old as a guest for Disney World and many other events. She dedicated her entire childhood and teenage years to her music. At only 16 years old she became a successful music teacher with Musik Mogul bringing her knowledge to thousands of students of all ages. Eventually she decided to pursue her own musical career with Musik Mogul Records which now leads us to her most recent project “Keep A Straight Face”, a very complete and relatable album with songs that feel like a warm hug or a road trip to the beach. This album is heavily influenced by her father’s generation in music and her Gen Z taste. “KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE” is a rock, feel good, coming-of-age album with hints of different genres that Jadnelys grew up listening to thanks to her father such as classic rock, Spanish rock, salsa, merengue, country, Latin Jazz and many others. Nowadays it is Jadnelys turn to take over Musik Mogul to continue her father’s legacy. For Jadnelys music is not a hobby or something to do on the weekends but a lifestyle that she has followed since the day she was born.

Press Photos

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Beach House Video

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